Sylvia LeRahl

Sylvia LeRahl

  • CEO of Membership Fix
  • Chief Executive Officer

When psychological issues claimed the lives of people close to her, Sylvia LeRahl was forced to reconsider how we “do” the business of mental healthcare. It led her down an Alice in Wonderland-like rabbit hole, investigating alternative ways to leverage knowledge and better serve diverse needs.

After landing upon the membership business model, she quickly became enamored.

While she loved leading her own membership programs, she discovered that her true passion was in guiding others through the process.

In 2012, Sylvia founded Membership Fix, a global company that offers business, marketing, and mindset coaching to impact-driven entrepreneurs. Her team helps clients multiply their impact and add $10k of additional monthly revenue in just 90 days by using the membership system.

She firmly believes that our world would be a much better place if only we would all embrace hugs, board games, travel, and vegetarianism. Until then, she does her part by painting her face in sparkly colors whenever she can.



Personalized Content Strategy Roadmap

Planning a content strategy can cause more fear than being a corn kernel trapped in a chicken coop. It terrifies even the best of us.

Nevertheless, there are few things that will either make or break a membership business quicker than the content it puts out.

From the marketing content you publish to establish yourself as an industry leader, to the gated content you release that provides ongoing, easy-to-access value, having a systemized approach to creating and delivering content is a necessity for a thriving subscription business.

With this free gift, I’m making an unprecedented offer.

Part One is a PDF template that will guide you through the steps of crafting a content strategy – both to attract new business AND to retain existing clients.

Part Two is a strategy call where you will walk away with a literal step-by-step content plan for the next 12 months. That means you will have every social media post, every blog article, every course topic, every piece of content mapped out for a full year.

I will walk you through, hand-in-hand, as we strategically sketch out the content topics that will capture your audience’s attention, convert prospects into paying members, and retain the members you have.

I’ve made this strategy as simple as possible so that you don’t have to waste time or move into a place of overwhelm. And I can’t wait to share it with you!


There’s one word that makes people wealthy – and it’s not lucky, timing, attitude, or mindset. It’s something much more measurable than that, and it’s called leverage. It’s how anyone creates abundance, and it’s the reason behind our platinum offer Bliss.

Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past decade, I have found that the one thing everyone feels they don’t have enough of is time. It seems we are always running out.

With that in mind, we have crafted the ultimate offer to help you quickly generate an impact-driven business that leverages your skills, knowledge and time so that you can serve more people in less time.

By enrolling in this Done-For-You program, you’ll not only have access to a ton of high-value training each week, you’ll also have a huge amount of professionally designed and branded assets to leverage in your business. We will provide market research and strategic direction, write email campaigns for you, produce social media posts, design and build a website, develop an expansive branding portfolio, craft learning booklets, build out lead magnets, and so much more!

If you’re ready to amplify your brand and become a powerful changemaker without spending copious amounts of time and energy building out your program, this may be just the offer for you.

Schedule your free consultation today and we can discuss what that might look like for you.

* Due to the very customized nature of this service, we only enroll a small, select group of people at any given time. Unfortunately, this may mean we need to put you on the waitlist while awaiting the ‘graduation’ of another client.

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