Melody Johnson

Melody Johnson

  • Processpreneur and Founder of The Course Consultant
  • Processpreneur and Founder of The Course Consultant

Melody Johnson is a Processpreneur and Founder of The Course Consultant. She helps membership owners, agencies, and cohort based businesses grow their recurring revenue through referrals and retention.

As a podcast host of The Course Consultant and Customer Success show, she’s obsessed with helping business owners retake their time and energy with sustainable processes.

Melody holds a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design from CSUF and is a Certified Customer Success Manager. For the last 5+ years she has been working in Corporate Training and Development helping organizations bring success to their employees and customers with virtual training programs.



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3rd Day October 1, 2022
02:45 - 03:15 PM Pacific, 05:45 - 06:15 PM Eastern

How to Grow Your Recurring Revenue With Retention - Melody Johnson

2nd Day September 30, 2022
1st Day September 29, 2022