Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie

  • Author of Email Persuasion, Host of Course Builders TV, Creator of the Persuasive Email Writing Program
  • Author, Creator, and Host

Ian Brodie is the author of the #1 best selling and highest rated book on email marketing: Email Persuasion.

Get Response called him “One of the best email marketers in the world” and more importantly, he’s helped thousands of consultants, coaches and trainers to build authority, engage their audience and generate more sales with Email Marketing.

He’s also the founder and host of Course Builders TV where he interviews successful course creators and gets them to spill the beans on how they build and market their courses.

Outside of work he’s married to the wonderful Kathy and they have two great kids: Chris and Robs.

And a cat. Mustn’t forget the cat.

His passions outside of work are magic (he used to be quite good but is waaay out of practice) and growing chillies.

He also suffers from being a Newcastle United supporter. Please, no gloating 🙂



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