Desislava Dobreva

Desislava Dobreva

  • Des Dobreva
  • Branding & Membership Site Expert, founder of the Recurring Revenue Program

Referred to as “The Branding Queen™”, Des Dobreva is a Brand Strategist, Membership Site Expert, and TEDx speaker. She’s worked with businesses from over 100 industries in the most competitive markets in the world and helped them build powerful brands and indispensable memberships.

After nearly losing everything – including her own life – during a cyberbullying attack when she was younger, Des survived and became known for her disruptive approach online, including how she deals with negativity. She’s worked with more than 2000 paying clients and brought together over 10 000 attendees for her digital events.

Des is recognized for her unconventional approach to business, her two cats (who have their own brands, of course) and her Eastern European accent which she was repeatedly told to “drop” when she first started her business (she didn’t).

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3rd Day October 1, 2022
2nd Day September 30, 2022
1st Day September 29, 2022
04:00 - 04:45 PM Pacific, 07:00 - 07:45 PM Eastern

Build a desirable brand & an indispensable membership even in the face of recession - Des Dobreva